Above: PaCT: A Journey Across Time. 
Available as a limited edition flip book.

is PRESS announces PaCT

PaCT is the culmination of a 23 year long conceptual art project (and three more years to finish the books)! 

book release & art show:
Dateline Gallery
3004 Larimer St, Denver, CO
Opening: 3/4, 6:00-9:00 pm
Artist’s Tales: 3/30, 7:00 pm
Books: Now available from is PRESS
Project website: pact.report

The exhibition opening at Dateline gallery will be a release party for both PaCT books and an extrapolation of photos, prints and ephemera from the story.

See the event page for details.

Cruise over to the shop to check out the PaCT books!


IN DENVER, COLORADO ON 11/11 – 11/14

Every four years we add a cheat-day to the calendar, elect a President, compete in the Summer Olympics, and convene the is FAIR. Since 1996 we’ve convened six is FAIRS in six different cities on this quadrennial schedule. Plans to bring the seventh is FAIR back to Denver in 2020, after a twenty-year absence, were trampled under the hooves of a white horseman galloping asunder across the land. On suggestion from our council of elders, we elected to hold the is FAIR in 2020, but actually in 2021

See our Fair page to get excited about the past!


From October 4th 2020 through February 14th 2021 agents Peter Miles Bergman and Heather Link-Bergman of The Institute of Sociometry (the organization we get the is from) were honored to be included in the exhibition Citizenship: A Practice of Society at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver with their installation Leftist Leaflets In Little Free Libraries.

Please enjoy this artist talk from 1/27/21 which covers LLiLL but also work from the preceding decade: