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is PRESS publishes “PaCT” – two art books and a zine detailing a two-part 2,650-mile walk spanning 23 years on the Pacific Crest Trail, and an accompanying conceptual art project by Peter Miles Bergman. 

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Denver, Colorado (February 15, 2022) – PaCT documents a two-part journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, spanning 23 years, with a trio of publications including a zine, a photo-animated flip book, and a 263-page art book and memoir, all by Denver artist and publisher Peter Miles Bergman of is PRESS. The PaCT book release is also accompanied by a solo exhibition – PaCT – at Dateline Gallery opening on March 4, 2022 at 6 pm. The gallery will also host an event – Artist Tales – which includes an artist talk, book reading, and signing on March 30 at 7 p.m. The opening reception and Artist Tales event are free and open to everyone.


Exhibition to accompany PaCT book release at Dateline Gallery in Denver, CO opening March 4.

Dateline Gallery | March 4-30, 2022 | 3004 Larimer St, Denver, CO
Opening and Book Release: March 4, 6:00-9:00 p.m. | Artist’s Tales: March 30, 7:00 p.m.
Books: Available from is PRESS | PaCT website:

About the Project:

Synopsis: In 1996 at the age of 23, Peter and Dylan Kuhn set out to hike the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Burned out, injured, and broke after 90 days and 1,750 miles they quit in Oregon with a pact to return for the remaining 900 miles when they were twice as old. In 2019 they reconvened at 46 to reflect on life’s journey, and race increasingly threatening storms towards Canada.

PaCT is the culmination of a 23 year-long conceptual art project that explores rites of passage, the nexus between art and life, chance, time, and friendship. Bergman’s presentation at Dateline Gallery includes an interdisciplinary installation featuring photography, video, collage, assemblage, found objects and ephemera along with three publications that comprise the PaCT trio including PaCT: A Journey Beyond the Horizon, PaCT: A Journey Across Time, and MAN MADE: A Journey Through the In Between


Using journal entries from three different points in time, PaCT: A Journey Beyond the Horizon deftly weaves a profound yet highly-entertaining tale that is part travelogue and part memoir. This expressively designed book artfully renders a portrait of an artist coming-of-age, their wayward drift into middle age, and the power of a profound friendship that kept him focused on staying sane, and getting sober, in order to honor their pact. PaCT: A Journey Beyond the Horizon is a 264 page, 6.5 x 9″ perfect-bound book with two-color letterpress printed covers in an edition of 303 published by is PRESS. 

PaCT: A Journey Across Time features a day-by-day, frame-by-frame visual record of Bergman’s 2,650-mile journey across the Pacific Crest Trail with photography by Dylan Kuhn. Bergman’s performance includes an animation of a lone figure stopping to pause for a snapshot before tossing a graduation cap, and instantaneously changing into a suit as the 1,700 miles across California race by in the pages behind him. Midway through the book, we skip to Bergman – now 23 years older – pausing to pose before waving and walking off into the distance just as the 900-mile journey through Oregon and Washington concludes. Facing pages reference the location where each photo was taken on stylized black and white maps. PaCT: A Journey Across Time is a 266 page, 2.5 x 6.5 x 1.5″ thick perfect-bound photo-animated flipbook in an edition of 303 published by is PRESS.

MAN MADE: A Journey Through the In Between recounts three journeys: Bergman’s 2009, 535-mile, 31-day walk across Wyoming on the Continental Divide Trail with Dylan Kuhn and Ann Fish Kuhn, a 2006 attempt to commemorate the end of an 11-year stint not flying by skydiving, and an afterword about a 250-mile walk from Denver to Mount Holy Cross in central Colorado. The publication also includes a zine-within-a-zine featuring a report and photo essay documenting “man-made” detritus and infrastructure in central Wyoming – the least populated part of the U.S. MAN MADE: A Journey Through the In Between is a 36, hand-sewn with black thread and a letterpress-printed masthead and back cover printed in copper ink. MAN MADE: A Journey Through the In Between is produced in an edition of 505 and is published by is PRESS. 

All three PaCT books are available for purchase at For more information about the project and the publications, please visit


About is PRESS:

is PRESS is a Denver publishing press and studio space. is PRESS publishes short-run art books and zines documenting urban art and conceptual time-based art that explores the nexus of art and everyday life. is PRESS also produces limited edition prints by the artists we publish.

is PRESS art books and zines deploy a sophisticated design aesthetic and high-quality DIY printing, often featuring letterpress (with screenprinting and risography done by our Chicago sister press Flatlands Press | is PRESS also distributes art books, zines, patches, and prints featuring graphic art, urban art, street art, urban photography, and graffiti.

is PRESS is the press of The Institute of Sociometry


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Excerpt of PaCT: A Journey Beyond the Horizon:

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“PaCT: A Journey Beyond the Horizon” cover

The PaCT Pack available now (or in separate pieces) from is PRESS

“PaCT: A Journey Across Time” as a gif

Left: Two 23 year olds at the southern terminus of the PCT in 1996 – thinking they’re going to hike 2760 miles to Canada, ignorant of how busted they’ll be when they quit in Oregon and form their PaCT to return in 23 year to complete the remaining 900 miles twice as old. Right: Two 46 year olds (actually Dylan is 47 in the pic) at the northern terminus of the PCT. 

Dylan swimming freezing runoff buck naked in the Sierras in 1996.

Dylan taking the high road above a raging torrent in the Cascades in 2019.