A Journey Across Time


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PaCT: A Journey Across Time is authored and designed by is PRESS publisher Peter Miles Bergman with photography by Dylan Kuhn. is PRESS, 1st edition 2020, (first offered for sale 2022) Edition of 303 – signed and numbered. Denver, Colorado.

This book pairs with the book PaCT: A Journey Beyond the Horizon and the zine MAN MADE: A Journey Through the In Between. (All can be purchased together in a PaCT: Pack , to get $5 off and free shipping!)

PaCT: A Journey Across Time is a 266 page, 2.5 x 6.5 x 1.5″ thick perfect bound photo-animated flip book. PaCT documents a 23 year, two-part journey with this photo-animated flip book, with photos by Dylan Kuhn, and a 263 page art-book and memoir – all by Peter Miles Bergman.

In 1996 at the age of 23, Peter and Dylan Kuhn set out to hike the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Burned out, injured, and broke after 90 days and 1,750 miles they quit in Oregon with a pact to return for the remaining 900 miles when they were twice as old. In 2019 they reconvened at 46 to reflect on life’s journey, and race increasingly threatening storms towards Canada.

The animation is of a lone figure stopping to pause for a snapshot before tossing a graduation cap, and instantaneously changing into a suit while 1,700 miles across California race by behind him followed by with the same figure – 23 years older – pausing before waving and walking off into the distance as 900 miles of Oregon and Washington race by. Opposite pages from the photos show the location where the photo was taken on stylized black and white maps.

More on the project, including an except can be read at and seen on instagram

PaCT: A Journey Across Time is digitally printed on 10-pt cast coated cover stock at Turbo Press, Denver, CO.  

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